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Gotta… Beat… The Blerch…

July 7, 2015

HOLY S**T HE’S POSTING?!?!?!?!?!

blerch-oatmeal_hI know, I know… but it’s time. Time for me to start owning this process and start to trust that everything will work out for me… you could calling it Trusting The Process. 🙂 See, I’m committed to completing a half-marathon in September. You maybe familiar with it – The Beat The Blerch 10K/ Half/ Full Marathon, put together by The Oatmeal creator Matt Inman. Gonna be a super fun race that in pretty much most cases I’d be REALLY excited for.

Most cases.

See, Im injured. Planar fasciitis. Been injured since late March. It’s killed my running and, to be completely honest, my spirit. IT JUST WON’T F**KIN’ HEAL. I am gaining weight again, my mood is really down… I couldn’t seem to get out of it. And, for me, it is really, REALLY tough to get out of my own head. I’m not mentally strong enough right now to just snap out of it and do a workout, because what I’d wanna do is run, or even walk. But since I can’t I just wanna sit down, start a binge watching series on Netflix and eat.

That was until my wife and I had a conversation.

18k2bq6i4btubjpgThat conversation centered around us. Not me, us. And what we need to do to be more healthy and smart all around. Just kind of owning our stuff. So this week it begins, and it’s a few things for me.  Things I wanna put out to the Universe so that I can be more accountable for what will be happening the next few months:

* HALF-MARATHON TRAINING – I’m using THIS program but I’ve modified it to using an elliptical instead of running for the next 5 weeks. I’m using a 2/3 ratio method I found online; if I am supposed to run for 40 minutes, I elliptical for 60. Obviously this isn’t perfect but it’s better than the alternative – which is doing pretty much absolutely nothing. I’ll also be adding in weight training a few days/ week on this as well. Definitely on the off days, plus 1 or 2 of the short running days.

* NUTRITIONAL CLEANSE – I’m beginning a nutritional cleanse to coincide with a similar plan my wife is doing. Although my program has much more flexibility than hers, doing it together makes it so much easier in the house. We’re gonna be doing this for 2 months, so basically from now through Labor Day.

* BLOGGING – It’s gonna be a weekly thing probably, hopefully more. But I’m gonna have more to blog about now that I am desperately trying to get back in the swing of things so I promise I’ll try to keep it (somewhat) entertaining.

COMMUNICATING – I need to reach out to people more. I need the support. Many of you already know who you are… we’ve probably talked about stuff like this in the past. At one time I motivated a lot of people… I’m hoping a few people won’t mind me touching base.

So that’s pretty much it for now. I’m back on the ol’ bloggity-blog, and on the Facebook page – and who knows how else. Anyhow, hope y’all are well… lemme know how you are!

(PS – wanna know where the name ‘Beat The Blerch’ came from? Take a few minutes and READ THIS. You’ll enjoy it – promise.)


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