Super Healthy Super Sunday

January 27, 2013

photoSo… as part of Project Transformation, my whole diet has changed.  Oddly enough, I’m eating MORE than I was previously.  It’s weird to think… actually, BELIEVE… that by eating more quantity-wise, yet smarter food than I was before, that I will actually lose more weight. I’m still getting comfortable with that idea, but as Jen and I were spending a few hours in the kitchen prepping my meals for the week (well, OUR meals b/c she’s not only helping me with it, she’s doing much of it with me as well), we started talking about Super Bowl Sunday.

( <— And yes, that’s some of the beautiful work we were doing.)

As we all know, the Super Bowl is not only a sports holiday, but an eating holiday as well. 🙂  Well, we realized that we can’t have all the fun foods we’d REALLY like to have so we started trying to figure out cool eats to enjoy.  I did what I always do – Googled.  And I found a bunch of stuff!  But then it dawned on me:

Why don’t I share these cool ideas/ recipes with everyone.

And what better way to do so, then everyones favorite recipe sharing website – PINTEREST.

pinterest_badge_redSo here’s what I am doing; I started a board – and called it SUPER HEALTHY SUPER SUNDAY (pretty clever, right?  RIGHT???) and all through this next week I’m not only gonna add additional ideas to it for everyone to get stuff ready for their own Super Sunday, but I want to post your recipes as well!

Here’s what you need to do… if you’re on Pinterest, FOLLOW THE BOARD!  And, also, for any cool recipes you find, do one of the following:

*  Post your recipe in the comments section here,

* Post them on my Facebook page, or

* Email them to me at blubbertorunner@gmail.com.

And I’ll get them on the Pinterest board and make sure I share the board a few times during the week so you guys can prep accordingly.  I know this is gonna help me… and I hope it proves helpful to y’all as well.


** TWO NOTES – If you use Pinterest, send me the link that way so it’s easiest to repin… if not, I’ll take care of it for you!  Also, if you don’t use Pinterest, you can still view the board via the link! **


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