Goals for 2013

January 6, 2013


As promised… I wanna lay out my fitness goals for 2013.  By doing so, y’all have the right to call me out pretty much whenever you want about what I’m doing/ not doing… agreed?

Good.  🙂

AND – I wanna do the same for you!  Listen – you need someone to keep you motivated, get on you a little bit, keep you focused on some of your goals – hit me up.  Seriously.  I had people help me stay focused, and I KNOW how hard it is to find the right people to motivate.  That being said – message me at blubbertorunner@gmail.com, hit me up on my FB page, comment here… whatever’s easiest.  I’m here to help!

OK, so here they are, my 2013 Fitness Goals:


50 pounds more – I’m down about 85 pounds right now, and I think 50 more is reasonable.  I’m still highly focused on doing this healthy and in a way that will assist me in KEEPING it off, but 50 is not a crazy amount.  I know some people say ‘wow, 135 is a lot of weight!’ but I don’t view myself as a 350 pound guy losing 135 pounds anymore… I’m now a 265 pound guy losing 50.  Different mindset – different goals.

5 obstacle races – Here is something I learned in 2012:

Obstacle races >>>>>>>>>>> Regular races.

Like, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>… >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

So, I’m gonna try and do more of them instead of just signing up for any 5K anywhere they have one.  They have so many different ones now, such as the Hero Rush (firefighter themed), Urban Warrior Dash (city themed), as well as various lengths (5K, 8K, 10K and longer) and I believe I will find more challenges this way.  So, with that being said:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMUSCLES – Let’s just lay it out there… I’m physically weak.  I’m a big guy, but I’m not very strong (outside of my legs, which are pretty strong after running over 750 miles in 2012).  I have tried – multiple times – to get into a gym, workout room, basement, ANYWHERE to get into a rhythm when it comes to strength training, however I run way from it.  It’s a mental roadblock I gotta break through, and when I say I GOTTA, I mean it.  I HAVE TO.  It’s the only way I’m gonna lose the rest of this weight properly, and the ONLY way I’m gonna be able to compete in obstacle races.  I know Jen’s heard this before – multiple times – as well (she LOVES strength training), so hopefully she doesn’t see me as the ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ just yet. 🙂

Again – THIS HAS TO HAPPEN.  And I need a tangible way to track this; any suggestions would be VERY helpful.  I’m gonna research some on my own as well.

xf_07_10_30_robin_toe_shoes1_s1 Competitive Trail Race – I am enamored by this… I wanna do a legit trail race of some length.  I need to really research this – training, locations, etc. – but I am truly fascinated by it, and want to do one competitively in 2013.

1 Duathlon or Triathlon – I wanna race a bike in a competition… I enjoyed riding it for the MS Ride last year, but Hurricane Sandy wiped out my 1st Duathlon.  The bike is the focus right now but, if I can find the right triathlon to compete in, I wouldn’t be against getting in the water to train a little 🙂

1 Destination Race – I’m going to travel somewhere to do a cool race; be it a half-marathon, obstacle race, dual/ triathlon, etc… I’m gonna go somewhere, enjoy being a tourist, then compete in something while I’m there (PLEASE NOTE – this does not include the DMV, where I’d like to do a race with my peeps there at some point in 2013 as well!)

1,000 Followers on the FB page – I wanna really spread the love.  🙂  I know I need to do things to help grow the B2R community, but that’s a plan for me.  More to come on this!

$2,500 for American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life – This is a cause VERY near and dear to my heart.  I was fortunate to be Co-Captain on an amazing team (The Pineapple Avengers) for 2 years, and we raised over $25,000.  Although I can’t Captain anymore (it is a Northern VA based team and I’m in NJ), I am honored to still be a part of it and want to use this as a vehicle to raise money for our awesome cause.



So there you have it – full accountability.  And, for those that have asked, I have a few more goals as well… in areas such as relationships, family, spirituality, professional and personal… and hopefully, as those come to fruition I’ll be privileged to share them with you.

This is gonna be a BIG year for Blubber To Runner… y’all just WAIT.

wait, maybe its better to say it will be a ‘SMALLER’ year. 🙂


  1. Chris – I have the hardest time making and staying true to my goals – it’s great to see you put these out here as well. Throwing my goals on your page — just because I can.
    1. I want to make more money and expand my personal business.
    2. I WILL live a healthier life – stop the on-again-off-again fitness routines. BUT – I need to find something that works for me. I LOVE Yoga – so I am pursuing that now. I like to call it “fitness shopping” – trying a few things out to see what fits.
    3. Go on a trip with my girls – we all turn 40 this year and never make the time to spend together.

    There you have it! You are inspiring and honest. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing how you have come so far and made such great changes in your life!

  2. um, no century ride….?

  3. Kristin – I LOVE the term ‘fitness shopping’!!! I’ve been doing that for about a year and a half now LOL. And the trip Idea is fantastic… it’s actually something I’ve never done (outside of going down the shore haha), but hope to do in the near future as well. I can’t wait to hear about all of your success!

    Jennifer – the century ride will definitely happen – gonna be super fun! I didn’t list everything I’m actually doing, just some goals. 🙂

  4. You need to add vinyassa yoga to your lifestyle..it will help the weight as well as your entire being..

    • Michaela – I’ve actually done vinyasa and really enjoyed it! I’m actually looking into kundalini as well, but I agree with you 100%… yoga needs to get back into the routine sooner rather than later!

  5. […] when I told y’all what my plans were for 2013, I mentioned that I had my sights set on 5 obstacles races (didn’t know which ones), as well […]

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