Tops for 2012

December 31, 2012

Not gonna lie… 2012 was a pretty damn fantastic year.  There are so many highlights for me, so I wanted to wrap up my year and just kinda highlight a few of them:

(In no particular order)

IMG_20120624_101253*  Transition To Minimalist Running – this is a big deal for me, being someone who had so many problems finding running shoes that fit my feet (quadruple E width) and didn’t get ruined prematurely (by my toes puncturing the roof of the sneaker due to constantly rubbing it when I run.)  When I started running at close to 350 pounds, I would have NEVER envisioned myself running 18-miles in zero drop shoes… OK, I never even heard of FiveFingers, zero drop, barefoot running or anything of the sort before I started running so the fact I am now a minimalist runner is awesome to me.  I say it to everyone that asks… it’s not for everyone but it’s 100% for me.  It’s comfortable and it rocks.

*  40,000 + Pageviews – I know that doesn’t mean that 40,000 people read my blog… but still, to even think that many people have been directed to it, have seen it, and possibly read about my story has me completely in awe.  This is pretty much directed at anyone reading this right now, so if I haven’t said it enough “THANK YOU” for continuing to read and follow along my journey. 🙂

*  Seventeen Total Events in 2012 – yeah… SEVEN-FREAKIN’-TEEN!  That includes 2 obstacles races, 2 half-marathons, an 18-mile race, a 115-mile bike ride, 10K’s,  8K’s, 5K’s and even a four-miler in my hometown as well.  I hadn’t run a race at all in 2011 and fell completely off the wagon.  In 2012, I ran a race in 10 of the 12 months, including 5 races in 4 weeks in June & July.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES.

532377_4232741264597_1514719017_n*  I Met My Person – This blog has had a positive impact in many aspects of my life.  I can honestly say that I NEVER expected it to yield a significant other.  I don’t like to get into too much detail here regarding my private life, however there’s no way a blog like this can not recognize the positive impact Jennifer has had on me not only as a man, but as an athlete as well as someone who has struggled in areas such as eating, motivation, spirituality and love.  We both have similar strengths, struggles & goals and will continue to push each other to get the best from each other… and I couldn’t be happier to now have someone to do it with.  I love you, ML.  🙂

*  Two 5K’s In One Day – Looking to challenge myself in a different way (and, I’ll be honest, trying to impress Jennifer in the infancy of our relationship) she threw out the idea of running 2 5K’s in one day, since I had already signed up for 1 at Giants Stadium on the same day she had one she wanted to do by her house.

* 90 Pounds Lost – this one pretty much speaks for itself… I mean, I LOST 90 POUNDS.  Don’t really think I need to say much more about that!

223370_10151199990374030_1557573663_n*  I Ran An 18-Mile Race – It was raining.  It was freezing. And it was 18 miles straight down 1 road.  No twists and turns giving you some new things to look at etc.  Just straight.  For 18 miles.  When it was done I talked about how I would never run this race again – it was from 1 end of Long Beach Island (on the Jersey shore) to the other.  Now, after the Supestorm Sandy and the devastation LBI was hit with, I’m not sure I’ll be able to turn away from it – if it’s even able to happen again.

*  My 1st Obstacle Race – and my second obstacle race!  I did a 5K (Warrior Dash) and a 10K (Merrell Down & Dirty) and they made me realize how much fun you can have while running – and gave me whole new perspective on how I want to begin training from here on out.

*  My 1st Half-Marathon – and my second half-marathon!  From an athletic standpoint this was my crowning achievement by far.  It still stuns me today to say I’m a half-marathon finisher.  I definitely put the 13.1 sticker my parents bought me on my car.  And the fact that I went out and did ANOTHER one this year (albeit a bit more difficult in the August heat) was even crazier to me… because I know how hard that January 1st run was for me.

Image 26* MS Bike Ride – In yet another attempt to impress the triathlete girlfriend, I got on a bike for the first time in probably close to 20 years and, in 2 months of training, completed a 2-day, 115-mile ride.  Now, it wasn’t pretty… I’ve never had cramps so bad that they locked my legs up… but I did it.  115 miles is approximately the distance between Wilmington, DE and New York City… and I rode a bike the entire time.  Well, most of the time… you know, when my legs didn’t lock up.  And when I had to walk up the hills.  But yeah, 115 miles. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this li’l trip down Memory Lane with me… thanks for comin’ along!  I have some really cool things in store for 2013… and that post is comin’ REAL soon, so stay tuned!



  1. Gach,
    Keep it up man! You are doing a OUTSTANDING job! You are definitely a hell of a inspiration and so glad to see what progress you have made! I know the best is yet to come! KEEP IT UP!

  2. Great work CG! You are an inspiration to me and so many others….keep it up!

  3. So proud of everything you’ve accomplished Gachy!! Such an inspiration!!!

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