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What A Difference…

November 20, 2012

… a year makes.

So, I was scheduled to run my 3rd half-marathon of 2012 – the Philadelphia Half-Marathon – this past weekend and, unfortunately, had to back out due to injury (and, to be completely forthcoming, the subsequent lack of motivation post-injury.)  It wasn’t easy… for those of you that remember, I wrote a blog last year about my experience in watching some of my friends run it – for all of them their 1st half marathon ever – so running Philly was something that would have had some significance to me.
But my foot – and my head – wouldn’t allow it.

So, in typical fashion, I looked at how terrible I was because of it.  I know, I know… “don’t feel bad…”, “you’re doing so good…”… right or wrong, it’s just how I felt – it’s the reality of MY situation.  But then I realized something:

I’m ridiculous… because I have absolutely NOTHING to feel bad about.  
This time last year I was 346 pounds, living alone – 200 miles from my family and my closest friends. I was literally doing nothing with life, eating away any kind of feelings I had, and had zero guidance in my life.
Then I fast-forwarded to now; I’m sitting in my beautiful girlfriend’s home typing this blog talking about how a foot injury in an 18-mile race I ran prevented me from running my 3rd half-marathon of 2012.  I’ve completed a 2-day, 115-mile bike ride to support MS research, I’ve done 5K and 10K obstacle races, 1 4-mile race, 8 5K’s and I’m waiting to do my final race of 2012, a 5-miler, on Thanksgiving.

I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!  Talk about having a lot to be thankful for!

It’s seriously all about perspective.  I had absolutely NOTHING to prove trying to run in Philly being not only uncomfortable but also unsure about my foot.  And, to be honest, that wouldn’t have been the case 6 months ago.  I would have felt like I had A LOT to prove to not only myself, but to others as well.  Yes, I missed my friends this weekend, but instead I ran 3.2 miles on a treadmill in my zero drop shoes – my first significant mileage in the FiveFingers since the injury – and I could NOT have been happier.  You know why?  Because THAT is what was really important:

Being smart and healthy… which is what truly has been the goal all along.

As I have become more fit, I’ve also kind of forgotten that a little.  I realized that my training wasn’t always the best way to do things(I have been VERY lucky avoiding any kinds of major injuries to this point), but doing ANY kind of activity was better than what I was doing a year ago.  I’m a different man now… I’m a *gasp* athlete now… so my focuses and my training need to mirror that growth.

You guys are gonna see some changes in the coming months, both physically and mentally.  I know who I am a lot more now than I did one year ago, because the changes haven’t just been physical but mental as well.  My support team of friends and family (if you’re reading this, you’re in one of those two groups) haven’t let me down yet and I’m gonna keep you guys motivated along with me.

First thing?  10K Winter Run!!!  The ‘Blubber To Runner Beat The Winer Blues Virtual 10K‘ is gonna start TWO WEEKS from now, with everything you’ll need to keep that workout kick going throughout these winter months and drive that energy into the spring!

We got this people… WE GOT THIS!

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