An Open Letter To Myself

October 24, 2012


Yoooooo, what’s up, Dude?  It’s me… hope all’s well!  Can’t believe a year ago you were still in VA just plodding along trying to figure out ‘what now?’.  You’ve changed so much since you moved back to Jersey… it’s crazy seeing all the things that are different for you between now and then!

You’ve lost so much weight, got a great girlfriend, you’re doing all these cool things with your family and friends, you run A LOT 🙂 – and now you even bike!  Seriously, it’s super motivating reading your blog and seeing how much you’ve been able to take charge of your life and make changes like you have.

So… what’s goin’ on with you now?  I miss you man.  Seriously.  I haven’t really heard anything from you in a few weeks – no blog posts, not a lot of posts on Facebook… that’s not really like you.  You’ve talked in the past about hitting plateaus, and I know a few weeks ago you mentioned hurting your foot, but I also remember you talking about taking responsibility for your actions and not making excuses, so hopefully you’re crazy busy and things are just going super well for you and THAT’S why you haven’t been posting… you know, as opposed to getting complacent, comfortable or lazy.

Because if that IS what’s going on – you’d better get your ass in gear, Pal.  Seriously.  You’re not done yet… you’ve still got goals – 100 pounds lost, another half marathon, a Tough Mudder – so you need to refocus on what’s important… YOURSELF… and get back on track.  I bet if you share this with that girlfriend of yours and your family and friends they’ll all help you regain that focus you had for so long… hell, I guarantee it!

And trust me, Bro – I get it.  Staying so focused for so long can be tough.  It’s tiring!  But it doesn’t have to be… the more you share this stuff with them, the easier it will be.  They love you to death – just watch what happens when you let them help you.

So listen – keep motivating, Dude… know that there are a TON of people that want to see you succeed. Good luck next month in your first duathlon and the Philly Half – you’re gonna kill both of them.

AND KEEP WRITING- because I miss ya!!!


PS – If you’re driving don’t drink… and if ya drink, don’t drive.  🙂

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