My Before/ After Pic

September 18, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen… it’s the picture you’ve been waiting for. The thing I get asked about the most – ‘do you have a before/ after picture?’

You guys know the one I’m talking about – it seems like everyone that loses any amount of weight puts it up: the heavy pic on the left, and the not-so-heavy pic on the right… maybe throw a few motivational words on it for effect. Well, now that I’ve lost over 90 pounds I get asked about seeing the difference more and more… people genuinely want to see the transformation from 346 to 256 and know that they too can make the changes that need to be made.

Well, I’ve finally decided it is time to share the transformation – I want to really show EVERYONE exactly how much of a transformation I’ve made in the 10 months.  So, without further adieu, I present to you MY ‘Before/ After’ photo:

** dramatic spacing 🙂 **

On the left?  That’s me a few years ago.  Not happy, maybe even a little buzzed, out with some friends.  On the right?  That’s me about 2 months ago.  Happy, maybe even a little buzzed, out with some friends.

THIS is the transformation that needs to be celebrated.  The fact is that true happiness is the REAL transformation which MUST… let me repeat, MUST… happen in order to succeed at ANYTHING you are trying to do.


Me putting up the most unflattering pics that I look the fattest in next to ones 90 pounds later that make me look the skinniest are basically a lie, because it has NOTHING to do with me being successful at what I am trying to accomplish for myself.  Yeah, there’s a physical difference… I dont deny that one bit.  But I refuse to buy into the notion that accomplishing these goals is what makes me happy.  Actually, it’s the exact opposite:


I’m living proof of this too, by the way… I’m not just pulling this outta thin air.  I lost 50 pounds in 2010, but mentally was still miserable, and eventually all that weight came back – and then some.  That happened because unless you’re mentally prepared to make these changes, none of it is gonna stick.

So why NOW has it been a success thus far?  Because mentally I’m in a great place, with a great supporting cast around me.  I’m surrounded by family, friends and a girlfriend that not only support what I’m trying to do, but also practice what they preach… they live the kind of lifestyle that makes me be the best I can be.

Let me paraphrase that:


Because let’s be honest – the reality is that you probably can’t live drug-free if you spend your entire life hanging out with drug addicts… can’t quit smoking if everyone you’re around smokes all the time… can’t eat healthy if all everyone you know does is eat bad food at bad times in large quantities.

Yes, Team Literal… there are exceptions to every rule. You can do it?  Good for you… you’re the best – and in the minority.  And probably lying, but I digress.

So… will you ever see an actual weight-loss ‘before/ after’ picture of me?  Maybe… I don’t know.  I actually have one I made a few months back that I almost posted.  But, after talking to a few people I trust, they reminded me that it’s NEVER been about that for me.  I realized then that the only reason I made that photo was I was feeling down… bad about myself… and wanted a way to make myself feel better.

And all that did was prove to me even more that it was something I DIDN’T want to do.

Hopefully I can continue to motivate you by being honest about my journey and the message I’ve tried to deliver – that there’s a lot more to being healthy that just losing a lot of weight – and that it’s just as much mental as it is physical.

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