My New Relationship

July 29, 2012

It’s the worst kept secret in my life right now… seriously.  People have been asking about it left and right.  They see it in the pictures.  I’ve tried to stay away from talking about it for a while, but I wanna take this time to finally address the new relationship in my life.

I knew as my running got more and more intense I was going to need to find a partner that understood the importance of my running, how I was going to continue down the path I am on and, if they were going to be part of my life, they would have to welcome and embrace it.  It’s so fantastic to know that I have found that partner, and I’m excited to tell you about how we got here.

It was hard at first… I was nervous and reluctant because Lord knows I’m not good at this. So, this time, I went EXTRA slow.  I really took my time because I didn’t want to get hurt.  Slowly things started to get easier, so I got more comfortable with it.  It’s a process, and I needed to trust it – can’t be a hypocrite and ignore my own advice!

And, sure enough, it was working.  ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ was the perfect mantra for this relationship and it was paying off in spades.  Things were so much easier as we continued down this path – and it made me realize how much more I wanted to make this relationship a permanent part of my life.

It was the piece that’s been missing – and I finally found it.

So the Warrior Dash comes and, although I completed it, there were some areas I struggled in – and it bothered me.  It was such a fantastic event, and I am ecstatic I was able to compete in it, but it was in this moment I realized that I needed to take this partnership to the next level… we’ve completed a few races together already – with good results – but I needed to lock this down and make sure I never lost it.

It was time to take my relationship with Strength Training to the next level.

Strength Training for me meant one thing – less running – for a very long time.  I was so reluctant to get involved in it because I have been concerned with miles, miles, miles… gotta get the miles in.  However, after Warrior Dash, I realized I’m at a point in my transformation where I need to change it up a little bit to maximize my full potential in both running AND weight loss.  I am weak when it comes to upper body strength and changing that will help my running.  It will also help the pounds come off more quickly because weight training eats fat more than just running does – and that’s a fact.  Losing weight = lighter for when I run.  Can’t make my running any easier than that.

I started with more strength training several weeks before the Warrior Dash but nothing consistent.  Just a day or two here and there with positive, if not mixed, results.  Ran a few 5K’s and a 4-miler and felt great, which I somewhat attributed to the increased focus on it… but was still convinced the mileage is why I was doing well.  

So, for the next 6 weeks AT LEAST I am changing my focus to a 50/ 50 split of strength training and running – 3 days of each.  I have a half marathon in less than a month and I am going to gauge the change in both my training (and my diet – more to come on that) to help maximize myself to my fullest potential.

Am I going to be running less?  Yes.  Does it make me less of a runner?  ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!  🙂

I’m terrified about taking this next step… it’s, in a way, starting all over again.  However, in any relationship, you HAVE to be willing to ‘trust the process’ and know that, if it’s meant to work out… it’s gonna work out.  So, for now, less running, more weights/ boot camps/ intervals/ etc.  

Can’t wait to let y’all know how things are going… and no, I won’t be changing my relationship status on Facebook or anything.


: )


  1. Can't wait to see how it all works out…here's to the next level…

  2. Very excited to see how well you do with this new relationship. I've just started my relationship with walking/jogging lol. Today was the first day. You are my inspiration Chris. Very proud of you!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work.

  3. Thank you… 🙂 To the next level…

  4. I read this post again tonight, I feel like my strength training is SOOO lacking, or maybe non existant. But haven't been able to let go of getting all the miles in either 🙂 We'll see, maybe you will inspire me yet again my friend. Best wishes to you and good luck with the journey.

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