My Summer Bikini

July 9, 2012

Ladies… you know what I’m talkin’ about.

It hangs on the back of your bedroom door or side of your dresser… you put it there around late December (AKA – Resolution season) to help you get motivated for beach season.  You say to yourself “I’m gonna fit into this on Memorial Day weekend if it KILLS me!”, then you stare at it day in and day out when you wake up, get home and go to bed – and it either motivates you or makes you feel guilty for not doing something about it.  

Some make it through… they do the work, and proudly display themselves on the beach by the water with their hands on their hips, huge grin on their face with a caption something to the affect of:

“Hard work pays off! #MDW2K_ _!!!”

Well, I got myself a summer bikini… metaphorically speaking of course.  🙂

I was in Dick’s Sporting Goods the a few weeks back shopping for gear for the New York Giants race.  As I’m perusing around the store I kept coming back to this ONE ITEM over and over again and kept saying the same thing:

“One day… I’m gonna rock that.”

It’s awesome.  It’s badass.  Its my favorite color.  And I knew ONE DAY I’d actually fit into it… because it’s tight and hugs EVERYTHING – and Lord knows I don’t wanna scare anyone like that just yet.  So Jennifer comes out of the fitting room and I show it to her… to kinda say the same thing I was saying to myself – just out loud to someone.  Without hesitating, she shrugs and says matter-of-factly: 

“So get it.”

Wait… wha???  I’m sorry, did you say get it?!?!  It doesn’t FIT.  It’s months away from fitting.  You’re supposed to say “Someday!” or “I’m sure you will!”… not “So get it.”  I’m not gonna…

“You think?”

See – she got the mind working.  And it immediately went to the ‘summer bikini’ mentality.  Why not just buy it, hang it up in my room so I remember what I want to accomplish then rock it on a specific day when I want to accomplish my goal?!?!  

“F**k it… I’m gettin’ it.”

And I did.  And, when I run The Wild Half on August 26th, I’m gonna wear it.  I gotta lot of work to do to get into it so I’m comfortable wearing it in front of people.  But, I’m gonna put the work in and, when y’all see pics from that race, you’re gonna see me rockin’ this:

Wait… no.  Not that.  It’s a little different.

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