April 26, 2012
(This blogs gonna have a lotta pictures… just sayin’.)

OK… let’s get the details outta the way, shall we?

(L to R) Nancy, Gach, Reilly, Marty
RACE:  Unite Half-Marathon
TIME: Clock 2:59:28  Chip 2:55:52
WEIGHT: 283 lbs.
INJURIES: 1 (minor)
So… this is the part of my blog where I find something funny to talk about, a great story to tell, SOMETHING.  Only the funny thing is – I don’t have any.  The whole day, beginning to end, was flawless.  Yes, we had some rain in the last hour but it was nothing that made it distracting in any way whatsoever.  It really truly was the perfect run for me.
Don’t miss Marty right behind us…

My friends and I ran together for over 1/2 of the race and even when we separated, we waved as we saw each other around corners, high fived as we passed on loops… it was great!  Joe and Amanda were our mobile water stations… navigating the course on bikes meeting us at different spots to strip off clothes, refill bottles, carry stuff we didn’t want anymore.  

I can’t find one thing about this that wasn’t short of awesome.  Seriously.
Around Mile 9 they had a band playing Pearl Jam… as I came up they were singing ‘Alive’.  That made me laugh when I was out there.  Also, in a bit of coincidence… the longest I had ever run prior to the race was 12 miles, and the best time I had done that in was 2:43:59.  When I hit the 12 mile mark at the race?  Yup… 2:43:59.  I also high-fived the Scarlet Knight as I came in under 3 hours, which made for a GREAT pic too.
See?  The Scarlet Knight is SUPER happy.  And look at Nancy cheerin’ me on back there! đŸ™‚
But really that was it.  TRUST ME – I wanted to have some crazy fun shenanigans to talk about, like I did in that terrible 12 mile run down the shore a few weeks ago.  But I just don’t.
When I think about that, one point does strike me – I think that’s because I was well-prepared. I didn’t have to rely on anyone… no one could screw this up for me but me.  Whether it was mentally, physically, whatever… if this was gonna be a disaster, it was gonna be my fault and only my fault.  
And I trained my ass off for this.
Not gonna lie – this is probably the worst blog ever.  I wish I had more to say!  But that’s OK… I’m allowed a crapper every year and a half or so.  I actually have a lot of other blogs ready to go, but I couldn’t actually NOT write about the race itself!  I WILL say thank you to everyone who supported me with this though – be it messages, calls, texts, workouts, runs, races, etc.  To my friends – Team Immediates – I love you all.  To my parents – I love you both very much.  Michael – you’re the best brother in the world… and I hate you and your 5.8% body fat.  And to Eva – I love you… and yes, it’s just like running to Livingston Mall and back from your house… it’s REALLY far.
Joe switching out my ‘cocktails’ – Pedialyte/ 5 Hour Energy Mix
I wanted this pic b/c I always wanted to wear 1 of these tinfoil blankets…
From my parents for a job well done
Pretty much speaks for itself…


  1. Congrats! So awesome, you are an inspiration!

  2. Thank you so much! Still a long way to go, but those guys keep me focused for sure!

  3. Well you all are getting me focused via the Internet all the way in Michigan! Keep it up!

  4. Wait a second… I understand congratulations are in order for you as well!!!!!(Runners talk you know… đŸ™‚ )True story – I have NEVER broken 40 minutes in a 5K. Not once. I've run 7 and the best I have done was 40:19. So you did an AMAZING job. That being said…CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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