My Oscar Speech

March 9, 2012

Today was a very big day for me… or, depending on how you look at it, a ‘much smaller’ day.  I’m seeing something I haven’t seen on my scale in a very VERY long time:

A ‘2’.

Not just any old ‘2’… a very specific ‘2’.  As in, a ‘2’ in the beginning of my weight.

BTW – that week in mid-February where I “lost” 9 pounds?  Didn’t happen… it was an entry error at the center – I only lost 4 🙂

This is a huge day for me… it’s a milestone in a journey that is littered with them, all equally significant in their own way.  But this one’s pretty special.  I can say that I’m no longer 300 pounds… just think about that for a second, I AM NO LONGER 300 POUNDS.

There’s a bunch of people I need to thank for this:

* My mother, for getting me back on Weight Watchers the minute I got back to New Jersey – and has continued to lose weight with me (she’s doing equally amazing, BTW)
* My father, who’s not only been supportive of what I have been doing but after seeing how well my mother and I have done has taken Lent to also jump on the bandwagon… and is doing extremely well thus far.
* My brother, who calls me every single week to check up on me after weigh-ins and gives me advice on what I can do better with diet/ exercise – and even drags me to his uber-gym every so often to work out with him in the lap of luxury. 🙂
* Team Immediates – Amanda, for bringing her sunny disposition to the gym w/ me at 5a ;); Martin, for keeping the rock alive in every single long run we do; Reilly, for leaving ‘no man behind’ on the long runs, even if that means an extra half-mile of turning around and running back to me; Joe, for finding the time to develop ‘Sidsanity’ for us as we add weight-training to our half-marathon training; and Nancy, for being the single best coach one could ask for – and whose daily motivation and commitment has been literally life-changing for me.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least… YOU.  Yes, you reading this right now.  Even if you don’t comment, share, like, etc. I know you read this.  It’s part of he beauty of the interwebs I guess… but when I look at the stats and see how many people read these posts every time I share them it’s stunning to me.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I love everyone that comments and shares their tips, experiences, etc – it’s great to hear and extra-motivating – and there are dozens of you that have done so.  But for even those that don’t, I want you to know I appreciate you taking this journey with me.

So… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  The journey’s far from over… I’m about 90 pounds away from my goal at this point – so that means a lotta posts still to come!

Have a great weekend, everyone 🙂

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