Busy January!

December 29, 2011

A lot of people have been asking about this stuff… so I’ll just get it all out in a blog post so you kinda know what’s goin’ on the first month of 2012:

January 1st, 2012 – 30th ANNUAL HANGOVER 5K RUN – Tamaques Park, Westfield NJ; so we’ve got a bunch of peeps doing this race and according to the organizers it’s the biggest sign-up they have ever had.  Which is good for all of those people because with me in it they know they won’t finish last!  (I’m KIDDING… kinda)  If you’re interested in joining us, here’s the info to do so ($30 and you can register day of!)  Oh, and it’s at noon, so plenty of time to recover/ sleep in after New Years Eve Shenanigans!

Starting January 1st, 2012 – ??? – INAUGURAL I ❤ TO RUN RUNNING STREAK; Here’s all the info you need, but to paraphrase this is the deal: Starting on the 1st, I’m gonna run a mile a day.  That’s it.  Every single day, I just have to run 1 mile – and I’m gonna track it.  La Diabla is gonna do it with me.  You should too!  All you have to do is make sure you do it every day, rain or shine.  My goal is to do A LOT more than a mile/ day, but no matter what happens I’m going to complete that mile.

January 9th, 2012 – I am going BACK on the airwaves with my new weekly radio show/ podcast – NO FILTER RADIO.  It’s my passion – I can’t give it up – and I am going to be doing this show with some voices you are very familiar with from earlier shows I participated in:

Chris Culosi – the creator of, and my hilarious co-host with, the ChokeOnFunny comedy empire
Mark Lindamood – the witty, engaging co-host of The Mark and Benji Show
Benji Harris – the… uhhh… hmmm… the… well… the other dude on The Mark and Benji Show

It’s pretty simple – we’re gonna say the things you wanna say (but can’t) about the topics you wanna talk about (but won’t.)  We can’t wait to get this going for you guys – it will be live Monday nights at 9p EST, and the podcast will be available shortly afterwards.  ‘Like’ the FB page HERE and follow us on Twitter HERE.

Sunday, January 29th, 2012 – MSP POLAR BEAR PLUNGE: Yup… back to the ol’ philanthropic ways!  The Frozen Pineapple Avengers have been put together for this great cause.  Organized by the Maryland State Police and benefitting the Maryland Special Olympics, I’m jumping into the Chesapeake with a few of my friends.  You can donate to the cause on my behalf HERE and I’ll make sure to get nice and cold for you.

“Wait… Gach, you’re gonna be in Maryland on the 29th… does that mean you’re gonna be in VA that weekend???”

Well, now that you mention it…

Saturday, January 28th, 2012 – SEX PANTHER SATURDAY, Fast Eddie’s Fairfax: Yeah, I’ll be there.  No big hoop-la or fanfare… I’m just gonna be in town and that’s the perfect place to hopefully see everyone and catch up with y’all face-to-face.  So, if anyone’s bored that night I’d love to see ya!  🙂

I think that’s it…  I hope to see some friendly faces out and about in Jersey – and Virginia – this month! Oh, and thanks in advance for your Polar Plunge donations (Jedi Mind Trick)  🙂


  1. You are so hard core Gach! 🙂 Running a mile a day? Can I do it sitting down? How about while leaning intently on something or someone? I think I will let you run mine for me. We in the NOVA miss you dearly and feel this coming visit is greatly overdue. See you on Panther Day (this is what I now call Saturday). P.S.- Wear those "toe shoes" man you know how sexy they are. ❤ The Siren of the Circle

  2. Best. Name. EVER!That being said… :)… Can't wait to see everyone next month. And, when I come, hopefully I'll have some NEW toe shoes for you! Hope you had a great holiday… see you soon – and happy new year!

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