New Year = New Goals

December 27, 2011

First of all, let me just say that I hope every one of you reading this had an amazing holiday – be it Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa.  My holiday was fabulous – I am typing this on my new MacBook Pro, my goddaughter got me my all-time favorite candy (Candy Cane Tootsie Pops) and, last but certainly not least… I roasted chestnuts on an open fire with my best friends – and sang the song while we did it.  I hope you all had some memorable moments as well!

That being said, it’s ‘that time of the year’… New Years.  The time when everyone decides to make life-changes and does everything they can to keep them – through January.  🙂  I am no different… I looked back at what I wanted to do and needless to say I didn’t accomplish them all.  So I’m changing it up this year.  No resolutions.  This year, I’ve decided to adopt three philosophies – or mantras – that I will choose to follow throughout this year and, if I do, the things that I want to do will come naturally.

As long as I stick with them.  🙂

Mantra #1: BOOTS TO ASSES – I’ve talked enough about this previously… but now it’s even on the back of my Team Immediates Hangover Run T-shirt which will be debuted on New Years Day at the race!  🙂

Mantra #2: JUST SHOW UP – I can’t even tell you how hard this one is for me.  Once I get to the gym/ park/ etc. I’m OK… it’s just so damn easy to stay in bed, stay on the couch, eat seconds… I need to force myself every day to ‘just show up’.  I’m hoping as the days go on and the weight loss continues, just showing up will become much easier.  But for now, I wake up every single day telling myself to ‘just show up’… now I just need to actually do it.

Mantra #3: I’M GONNA SUCK LESS TODAY THAN I DID YESTERDAY – Now before you guys get on the ‘don’t be so negative!’ train, lemme explain.  A few weeks ago, I did my 1st CrossFit themed workout.  I won’t call it an actual CrossFit workout because I don’t want to disrespect my CrossFit friends, but I worked my ass off doing a tabata/ amrap mixer and felt it for 3 days.  Well, when I got done all I could muster up the energy to say was ‘man, I suck.’ to which my friend Laz looked at me dead serious and said ‘hey, just think of it this way – today you sucked less than you did yesterday.’  And it makes a ton of sense – every day, I am going to try to do just a little more so that I’m better than I was the day before.  Each day I’m gonna suck less than I did yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong… there’s other things I wanna do – run at least 1 mile every single day, a 1/2 marathon (and hopefully a full marathon), lose 100 pounds, run a race in my Five Fingers – but I’m not gonna put the pressure on myself and make it like I HAVE to do those things in 2012 in order to be fulfilled.  Nope, I’m just gonna live each day the best I can and, if I follow those 3 simple rules, all the rest of that stuff will fall into place.

So to each of you… Happy New Year!  Thank you so much for reading, supporting, offering me advice, etc.  I hope you all have the best year ever – and suck less today than you did yesterday.  🙂


  1. hope you're loving your new macbook 😉

  2. I love it! It's a million times better than my old MacBook… that was close to 6 years old. God I love new technology!

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