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To Be The Man, You Gotta MEET ‘The Man’

May 26, 2011

So… I’m nuts.

I know some of you already figured that out, but I have finally come to terms with the the fact that you are all correct.  Why do I finally admit it?

Because I am running a 5K with Tony Horton.

Now, I know some of you are picking your jaw up off the floor.  Others are asking yourself – ‘Who the hell is Tony Horton?’  Well… THIS is Tony Horton:

Mmm hmm… THAT is Tony Horton.  The P90X guy.  The dude y’all see on that crazy workout program you almost buy when you come home from IHOP at 3:30a.

And I am going to run 3.1 miles with him.

And this isn’t some race where he’s the Grand Marshall and I’ll be one of a couple thousand people “running with Tony Horton”  I have signed up to be one of 15 members of his personal team that will be running the race and will actually be doing it with him – as well as 14 others.

Now, ever since I signed up… I’ve been regretting it.  Granted, he’s very inspirational to me – I have completed 1 full P90X cycle, started a 2nd and I follow his sites and posts religiously – and having the honor to meet him is going to be amazing.  But, I’m still 280 lbs.  Is it 70 lbs lighter than I started at?  Yes.  And yes, that’s amazing.  But this is Tony Horton along with, I’m assuming, a group of marathon runners, tri-athletes and various other people who collectively won’t have the body fat percentage I still do.  So… the intimidation factor is certainly there.

But, there’s more.  I also get to do a P90X workout with Tony himself, get a signed copy of his new book, and some VIP time post-race w/ him and the team to get pics etc.  So it’s a pretty awesome deal.  An awesome deal that is probably WAAAAAYYYYY over my head at this point and time.

I’m still absolutely terrified of what I’ve gotten myself into.  As far as ‘putting your money where your mouth is’, I’ve certainly done that – this wasn’t your typical 5K entry fee.  It was a little pricey – I’ve been scrapin’ by this week till my paycheck comes in – BUT, it’s better than spending it at the bar or at McDonald’s!

So, instead of doing what I used to do in years past (run and hide and eat to try and forget what was going on) I’ve practiced what I preached – I’m gonna be working out twice a day (run in the AM, either another run or P90X in the PM), I’ve already been much more cognizant of what I have been eating, even convinced the better half to get some toe shoes and give that a shot w/ me (OK, OK… she was looking at them before I came around, but I’m still taking credit).

** UPDATE – I even started the 100 pushup program to keep up with my pal Omar, who on his own personal fitness quest right now… keep it up, Dr. Patron! **

I will say it’s CRAZY what a little motivation and support can do for you… and not surprisingly Tony Horton is once again the factor behind it.  Whether it’s on a DVD – or in person in a few weeks – it’s that fear… uhhh, I mean WILL… that propels me to make sure I don’t fail.

Race is June 11th… if you’re in the DMV, come on into DC and scream your heads off for me… or Tony, but just say it’s for me 🙂  Or eve better, sign up to run it!  It’s a normal fee if you just go to run it…. it would be fun!  Either way… wish me luck here, or at the race, or better yet just run with me to jump start your summer health kick!

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