Phase Two Starts Today!

January 10, 2011

So… when I started this whole adventure, I stated that my goal for the remainder of 2010 was to lose as much weight as possible (in a healthy way) and work on making sure my cardio is better than it was in July.  Mission accomplished for both… huge wins in my book – I seriously couldn’t be happier.  OK, I could be happier – I would have liked to end the year about 10 lbs lighter than I did, and my 5K times could have been a bit lower – but in the whole scheme of things I’m pleased with where I am.

I’ve said all along that beginning in January 2011 things were gonna change… and I’m gonna keep that promise to myself.  The other promise I have made is to keep you all updated on what I’m doing and how it is going – and that’s not gonna change either!  🙂  So, here are the changes I am going to be make starting TODAY to ensure I stay healthy and on-track for the Mudder in October:

Haircut – seriously… look at how much hair I have!  I could have the kind of fauxhawk that would stop the Jersey Shore boys in their tracks.  Gotta get on the horn to Fatz and get my butt over to Blaze-N-Cutz for a li’l shape-up/ style fo’ sho’… plus doing this will probably make me lose 10 lbs at least.  I’m debating on shaving it again… not bald (and not my crazy weekend mohawk either), just short again.  Not sure though, so feedback is welcome as always.

Insanity – Yeah, I said it… P90X is going on the shelf for now.  Today it’s all about starting the Insanity:

This workout honestly lives up to it’s name… and no, I am not going to be able to rip through this like Shaun T for the next 60 days.  It’s gonna be a process – a long, painful process – but I can tell you all that I’m gonna make it through 2 months.  (**NOTE**  I may even record one of my workouts so you guys can see what it’s like for a normal dude – and not an extra from ‘300’ – to try and get through this workout).  I’m honestly not looking forward to taking the ‘before’ pictures (it’s a horrific sight), but hopefully it will keep me motivated to work real hard to see the major results 60 days from now.  It’s gonna be hard as hell… and that’s what I need – I need to be pushed and, since I have no one to push me except myself, I’m gonna use the dude with the sickest abs on the planet to help.

And I’m gonna earn that mother f**kin’ T-shirt… Trust in that.

(** NOTE ** – if any of you guys wants to try the workout, hit me up.  Maybe we can do a day together, or you can come by when I’m gonna do it just to check it out… I also have a great contact who works with Team BeachBody that can get you P90X, Insanity, etc. so if it’s something you wanna do I can get you in touch with her!)

New Diet – I’m still gonna do Weight Watchers, but I’m just going to be A LOT stricter in what I am eating.  Weight Watchers gives you a lot of lee-way, which is great, but Insanity also comes with a diet regimen which I am going to begin to follow that requires a lot more discipline than I had these last few months.  No more cheat days… no more alcohol… no more processed foods… about 2,000 calories/ day.  One good thing – they encourage sushi/ sashimi… yaayyy!

Colonix – It’s baaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkk!  Don’t even tell me you guys didn’t miss me talkin’ about the ‘s**t lei’!  Yup, I ate a lotta crap over the holidays so I really need a nice ol’ cleanse to help me speed all the toxins outta my body.  If you don’t remember me talking about Dr. Natura/ Colonix, here’s the link that EVERYBODY loved that oh so eloquently describes it – with pictures!

Yoga – I need to get back to hot yoga… I’ve only done a few classes – which I really enjoyed (I had great motivation) – but there’s no question based on how many people gush over its advantages that I really need to give it the ol’ college try.  I actually bought a Groupon a few weeks back for the local Bikram studio by my house – now I just need to use it.  So… if you’re one of those ppl that also got the coupon, expect a call from me soon! 

So there it is… Phase Two in my quest to total health.  Any advice/ feedback (positive or negative) that you may have is ALWAYS appreciated.  If you’re reading this for the first time and want to know more about me, you can find me on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE.  And please… if you think others might enjoy reading this – share it with them!  I love to talk to new people and get different perspectives on everything so feel free to pass it along!

And last but certainly not least… :)… THANK YOU!

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