My First Guest Blogger… B-Sox!

December 23, 2010

So… lemme introduce you to Brandi or, as I call her, B-Sox (due to her uncanny resemblance to a certain former American Idol contestant).  Brandi and I have been friends for a few years now and she has been one of the biggest supporters of what I have been doing.  She also participated in Veggie Week 2K10 with me and, as part of it, I asked her to please write about her experience so people could get a perspective outside of mine because everyone handles things differently.  So, without further adieu… B-Sox!

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When Gach posted his first blog about Vegetarian Week 2010 & inquired if anyone wanted to join him, I immediately knew I wanted to try. “I think I’m crazy enough to do this!” I jokingly told him. Little did I know that “crazy” would indeed be the description of my week.
 I’m somewhat of a picky eater already, so eliminating meat turned out to be a bigger issue than I first imagined. I spent the week trying to figure out yummy & not so boring things to eat…  and by “figure out”, I actually mean OBSESSING. Fortunately, I found broccoli-pesto pasta, veggie frittatas & Morningstar veggie burgers to be the highlight of my week. I found that after eating, I actually felt good.
Although my mental obsessions of my eating habits that week were abnormal enough, the true kick in my ass came around Day 3 of Vegetarian Week. I started getting sick. Nauseated, light-headed, slightly shaking type of sick. What could possibly be wrong with me, you ask? Protein withdrawals. Besides beans & a few other minor foods, I had essentially just cut off my supply of protein cold turkey. I felt like a crack-head at a rehabilitation center going through detox. I also had weird cheeseburger filled dreams. Yeah… crazy.
Vegetarian Week 2010 obviously had its pros & cons. I gained some personal knowledge: I CAN make a delicious meal that isn’t meat focused; I CAN change my eating habits without burning out on variety. But I did not continue on as a vegetarian after Day 7. In fact, I ate a cheeseburger to celebrate! With a salad. 
I found it interesting that we had very similar experiences.  I did share with her the info on protein powder, etc… but she’s just stubborn.  🙂  Anyway, I can’t really express here how awesome it is to have Brandi’s support… but I’m gonna try anyway.  B-Sox – thank you so much for everything – the convos, the veggie commitment last week, the jokes, not judging me for being less visible and making efforts to actually wanna do things that don’t revolve around alcohol and last call hours… it’s people like you I need to have in my life and I’m thankful that you are one of them.  Again… thank you.  You rock.  And your new album rocks too! 🙂
Next week… I will finally be writing my ‘What I Learned’ blog about my Veggie Week experience… I can already tell you… it’s gonna be a must-read.  For now – Happy Holidays!

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