Some Random Thoughts/ Updates

October 11, 2010

Just wanted to fill you all in on a few things, as well as touch on a topic or two:

WEIGHT – I’m back on track this week, losing 5 lbs.  I will say that I was terrified weighing in because I didn’t know how I would do beforehand (since I got rid of my scale ‘n’ all) but deep down I knew I put in the work this week and, thankfully, it paid off.  Gotta be honest – I don’t know what I would be typing/ feeling right now if it was just another 1/2 lb!

UPCOMING RACES – I have 2 races coming up in the coming weeks (click the names of the races for additional information):

The Iron Aiden 5K – my friend Angela brought this to me because I mentioned to her that I was looking for a few new races.  This race, on 10/23, is in support of the family of one of the parishioner’s at her church whose infant son is battling cancer.  Click the name of the race for more details, but seriously you should come out and run it with me.  I’m running, my boy Scotty (one of the gentlemen I highlighted in my ‘motivation’ blog is running, my former ‘Quiet On The Set!’ co-host Anthony (AKA Mista Fingaz) is running – along with many others who say they are coming as well.  It’s $30 to run/ walk or free to come out on a Saturday AM, take some pics and show us runners some love… click here if you wanna sign up (you know you wanna) and let’s help out Aiden and his family!

Monster Dash 5K – My running partner and I are running this race at the beautiful Jersey Shore on Halloween weekend, the same Saturday one of our dear friends is getting married… in Pennsylvania.  I know, kinda crazy… but you know what?  WHY NOT.  What else am I gonna do – get to the hotel a few hours early and start drinking?  I’ll drink plenty at the reception – plus Lord knows my tolerance now borders that of a 16 year-old girl drinking her first Bartles & James due to the weight loss so in my case ‘less will be more… than enough.’

FAITH – I stated here a few weeks ago that, after talking to my friend Jordan, I realized reconnecting with my faith is something I have finally accepted as necessary for me – and my continued overall well-being.  After consulting a few friends, I attended The Edge at Mclean Bible Church last Sunday… and I gotta tell you it was absolutely amazing.  A totally different way to worship and, after the original feeling that I was ‘cheating on Church’ (let’s just say this wasn’t your stereotypical stained glass window, chapel and steeple type of church), I really felt like I was able to connect again with… an old friend so to speak.  It was nice to get back to that after missing it for so long.

WHAT DO YOU WANNA KNOW?!?! – As most of you know (I do have a couple of people I share with), I am a VERY private person… and this blog has been quite an undertaking in the ‘sharing’ department for me.  However, I want to know what YOU want to know about me… and honestly I will try to answer everything.  ‘Everything’ depends on how personal you guys get with the questions, but I will do the best I can to answer as many as possible in an upcoming blog.  Think about those old school MySpace ‘About Me’ quizzes – but this quiz will be made up exclusively of your questions… fire away!

CONNECT AND SHARE – I really appreciate all of the support each of you has given to me the past few months… and keep it coming!  I say it ALL THE TIME – ‘Lord knows I’m gonna need it!’  I encourage you to also share my blog with others if you feel so inclined… I have been fortunate to meet some really great and inspirational people because my friends have been telling others about this and I just hope for my sake you keep doing it!  If you’re reading this for the first time, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter – just click on them and it will take you to me!  🙂

That’s about it for today… thanks for reading, thanks in advance for sharing – AND SIGN UP TO RACE WITH ME WILL YA!

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