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My First 5K – The Details

September 6, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen… I have officially completed my FIRST 5K!!!  WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!…!!!!!!  🙂

OK, so here’s the details:

Location:  South Plainfield, NJ
Time:  42:58
Weight:  308lbs
Route –  The race was the route used for the Labor Day parade in South Plainfield, which was after the race.  There were hundreds of people lining the streets watching us run.  As many of you know, I’m kinda self-conscious about working out in front of ppl due to being a man of larger carriage so this was a big, BIG step for me.  After doing this, I think i can work out in front of just about anyone now.

My biggest accomplishment for the day was that I ran the whole time – I did not stop to walk.  For me that is a HUGE win… it’s the best thing I can take from this day.  There are a few people I need to thank for this today though… they really did things that helped me make this day a successful start to completing my ultimate goal:

Kirk – Thank you so much for teaching me how to pace myself when I run… there is absolutely no way I would have been able to do what I did today if you hadn’t run with me and showed me how it works.

Rebecca B. – Because of what you told me about running with music, I was able to FINALLY do it, and it helped so so much… it’s very lonely out there but having my music made it much easier.

The GaNun family – Thank you so much for driving all the way from PA to watch me run…well, ok, I mean your family lives there and there was a parade right after the race and all, but I know you were there for me!!!  🙂  Seriously, great to see you guys on the race route – not gonna lie, when I saw you guys the 2nd time I was gonna stop and walk a little, but I didn’twhen I saw you guys b/c you were cheering me on – so thank you!

Mom and Dad – You guys just kick ass.  Thanks for coming out… it meant a lot to me to see you guys cheering me on.  I can never vocalize how much you both mean to me, so just know that I love you.

And most importantly…

Nancy – Thank you.  It was an amazing day to run… we motivated each other to do this race and I’m so glad I was able to do this with you.  Thank you for inspiring me to do these things – next up is the Turkey Trot… lookin’ forward to it!

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for the calls, texts, e-mails, BBM’s, etc. wishing me well and encouraging me… Joe, Amanda, Liz, E-Dub, Ilyssa, Jess, Anthony, Vince, Reilly, Angela, Jen S… I know the list can go on and on, but to be honest I’m pretty tired right now, so just know that I’m thanking you as well.  🙂

To celebrate, it will be pizza for lunch (w/ maybe even a cocktail), and then off to the fair at St. Bart’s for FRIED OREOS – awwww yeah!

Again – THANK YOU ALL… your support is amazing!


And now, the end is near…

September 5, 2010

Easier to say it than to type it tonight… keep your fingers crossed and I’ll let ya know how it goes!


ChokeOnFunny – The Podcast

September 1, 2010

I am fortunate enough to be part of the ChokeOnFunny comedy network as a co-host of their podcast, cleverly titled… wait for it… ‘ChokeOnFunny’.  Many of you may have seen the posts I have placed on Facebook beggi… uhh, I mean asking… for you to listen.  The creative force behind ChokeOnFunny is Christopher Culosi, and besides the dude being funny as hell, he is super creative – even making the news for his hometown parody ‘The Fairfax Rap’, as well as quite possibly the best YouTube I have ever seen, ‘Order A Pizza’ – a parody of The Script’s smash hit ‘Breakeven’.  We’ve had some great comedic guest hosts on the shows also, including Erik Myers, Brian Hohein and Keith Williams-Parker.

So, what the HELL does this have to do with my blog?  Well, we finally touched on both the Tough Mudder (or the ‘psycho Wipeout’ as it was referred to) as well as my experiences with Weight Watchers.  Its always good to laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously… and this is no exception.  if you wanna hear our comedic take about the race itself and my experiences w/ Weight Watchers so far, take a listen and start at 47:23.  You can find it here or on iTunes if you search ‘ChokeOnFunny’.

(Oh… it’s NSFW, just an FYI)


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