Football Sunday – Funday… or is it?

September 16, 2010

Football Sundays used to be fun.  SO MUCH FUN.  But when football season ‘officially’ started this past Sunday, it had a slightly different flavor for me… literally.  You see, as goes the diet so go all of the dee-lish foods I normally bury myself in while watching Eli and the Giants hand the ‘Skins another obvious, yet fully entertaining, defeat.  Bye bye Doritos, Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Potato Chips, amazing beers, Fire Wings, etc.  So what’s a man to do in such a situation?

Well the first thing I realized was a lot deeper than I thought:  Football Sundays was a trigger for my binge eating, just like boredom and stress are.  For a long, long time I really thought that it was all stress and boredom… if I could find a way to work through those issues w/o eating it was gonna be SMOOTH sailing.  Well, apparently that isn’t the case.

I kid you not – when Sunday NFL Countdown came on, my mouth started watering and I immediately started thinking about “what was I gonna eat” later – and it was all REALLY yummy.  I started getting ready to head to the store to stock up, and then it hit me that all the work I have done so far didn’t prepare me for this unexpected cause of gluttony… The Pigskin.

I’m now at a crossroads in more ways than one – not only do I need to figure out what the hell I’m gonna eat on Sundays (which you all will help me with :)…), but also now that there may be more triggers that could send me off the deep end.  And that’s huge.

Realizing that there are gonna be more triggers – things I have never realized wold put me in that mindset – is actually VERY scary to me.  More therapy fodder for sure, but for the last few months I was convinced I had two – stress and boredom.  I could say ‘no’ around my friends (hell, my best friends have turned my Weight Watchers points into a game), I can easily choose healthier options when eating out, going to a movie and food shopping.  I honestly thought I had made GREAT progress.  It’s progress, without a doubt, but far less that I apparently have.

So I come to you, my readers, for a little help.  Gimme some good healthy snack options, recipes, etc… Gimme some eating out options if I need to go to a bar to watch the Giants, Steelers (my loyalty is to my G-Men, but I’m a bandwagon Steel Curtain fan due to many people close to me being fans), etc… or at least gimme some advice as to how so many of you, my healthy friends, have managed to deal with this situation.

*** NOTE – Portion control is off the table at the moment… I’ll put it out there for yas; I’m not sure if I can only eat 1 or 2 wings, or a handful of potato chips.  I know that eventually it will be a good choice for me but, for now, I’m not so sure. 🙂 ***

Thanks, friends… I’m looking forward to your feedback – and enjoy your Sunday Funday!


  1. This might be a good snacking option. Also this website has a lot of other good "tailgate" foods that are healthier versions of classic football foods. And is you need someone to help cook let me know. Since dinner is still TBD :)http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/jojos_party_mix.html

  2. Great site… thanks! And you know I will… Home cooked meals are hard to pass up.

  3. I always find it helpful to eat something before I go to the bar or if I am going to a friends house then I bring my own snacks. Carrots and Hummus have taken place of my Chips & Dip cravings. I get the cruch with the carrots and flavored hummus makes it easy to mix it up a bit. And "if" I decide that Sunday is the one day of the week that I'm going to enjoy some fabulous liquid (non nutrition) calories I try and drink one glass of water for every beer that I have in hopes that the water will help make me full thus not encouraging me to enjoy lots and lots of beers. 🙂 Good Luck — we're behind you in this fight Gach — stay focused on the end price my friend!

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