MY MOTIVATION – My Godchildren

August 28, 2010

Every so often I’m going to post a recurring blog entitled ‘My Motivation’.  This is going to let all of you into my life a little… give you some understanding as to what has motivated me to get healthy and stay healthy.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading the stories about these people, places and things and how they have affected me.

I have two godchildren – Eva and Toby.  They are the most amazing kids, and I love them more than anything.  I realized after choosing to be their Godfather that many people have widely different views on what a godparent is.  Some take it very seriously, while others (and in my life experience, MANY) take it as some sort of badge… something they can walk around and tell people about so they look cool, but don’t do anything other than tell people about it and take pics with their godchild when they are around.

 Let me tell you what it means to me:  I am fully expecting to take over guardianship of these children if something ever happens to their parents prematurely.  THAT is how seriously I take being a godparent.  It’s not a joke to me… it’s not something that makes me cooler than other people their parents know because they chose me to be a godparent… it’s legit.

So why would this fall under ‘My Motivation’?  To me it’s simple:  I NEED to be around to be involved in their lives as long as possible, and if I keep living the way I was, I’m gonna miss Toby’s first home run, scaring away Eva’s first 17 boyfriends (between me and my bro?  No problem…) and I’m committed to that not happening.  I ate my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Toby… I’m taking Eva to her first Yankee game next week… if I continue to let myself go the way I was, I might as well be considered an absentee Godfather b/c if I’m gone too soon due to the choices I made… what’s the difference whether or not I’m alive and not there for them?

I was home in NJ one time when Eva made a comment regarding my brother and I talking about someone we know getting ready for their 21st birthday party, and explaining to Eva that it’s a ‘super cool birthday party as opposed to just a regular birthday party.’  The comment was:

“I hope you’re at my 21st birthday and not sick anymore.”

I found out later that Eva was being just like any other 5 year old and inquired earlier about why I was so big… she assumed that me being so big meant I was much older than Daddy (he’s my older brother) and, in an effort to try and explain it nicely, she was told I was just sick – but gonna get better someday.


There’s no way in the world I’m gonna let these two down… they deserve better from a Godfather than what I’ve been giving them for the first few years of their lives.  Many people say that kids don’t remember most things from when they were young kids and, I’m not gonna lie, I hope that’s the case in this instance.

Eva… Toby… I am committed to being there with you, and for you, whenever you need me.  You’re my motivation… and I love you!

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