WTF is Total Health?!?!

August 23, 2010

So… already, after only a few hours of being up, I’ve had a few people ask me “What is Total Health?”  It’s a great question, you know, since I reference it in the title. 

See… I’ve been pondering this blog for about a month – should I or shouldn’t I, do people even care, what the hell would I type about… and at one time I explained it in the intro – an intro which has changed about 15 times the last 24 hours, as well as an intro where I obviously omitted what I meant by that phrase.

Soooooo – here you go… what is Total Health!

Total health, for me, is made up of three areas: Physical, Mental and Emotional… let me explain each for you:

PHYSICAL – Probably the most obvious in my case… I’m fat.  REALLY fat.  Morbidly obese is what the doctors call it.  My weight is very likely at the center of many other small issues that have popped up and only until I lose this weight will those go away.  There are other physical issues that I will be taking care of as well… these are more cosmetic, but will make for VERY interesting blog postings… so stay tuned.

MENTAL – Sometime in the coming weeks I am going to address this further.  One of the reasons I held off on the blog for so long was trying to figure out how to handle this issue and here’s why:  Something I was told that I will NEVER forget is “losing weight will not make you happy.”  She’s right… just like you go to a gym to lose weight, you see people to work out problems you may be having inside your head.  This topic NEEDS to be talked about because I don’t want anyone thinking this is all about weight loss and ‘yaayyy I just ran through fire… I’m happy!’  It’s not.  We’ll discuss this… just not until I’m ready.

EMOTIONAL – There are events that happened which have really taken their toll on me for a myriad of reasons… and I’m gonna talk about them.  My divorce, my mom’s cancer and learning to date again (my friends love the fact that over the course of 18 years I had a grand total of 3 relationships until my divorce – the last time I “dated” I had a beeper) are just a few of these things.

Before I can tackle the hurdles on the Mudder Course, I have to tackle the hurdles in my life.  Achieving Total Health will go a long way in the healing process.


  1. Gach, I'm excited to hear you're considering your health and deciding to do something good for yourself. Keep us all updated!

  2. Thanks man… much appreciated!

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